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DPD Interactive LLC was started in mid-2010, although at this time it was under the name Your City Your Fun LLC, after the first website created by founder Jeff Weidemoyer. DPD Interactive’s tagline is “Where Human Interaction Lives”. But what does this mean?

DPD Interactive LLC was created for the sole purpose of allowing those in need of an outlet to let their voice be heard. Human interaction is a dying concept during this modern age, and we intend to keep it at the forefront of our mission.

DPD Interactive LLC oversees several websites and operations that carry this concept deep within their visions. DPD Interactive LLC oversees all of the extensions of ADP “One Man’s Journey” as well.

DPD Interactive LLC Includes:


\m/ Jeff \m/
Jeff Weidemoyer

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JOLAM: A Diamond Enterprise (Founder | Owner | President)
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